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Zero Carbon House, Northern Ireland

  • Carbon zero home, Rostrevor, Co.Down, Northern Ireland, low energy home


Zero Carbon House, Northern Ireland.  A zero carbon house built in Rostrevor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. This is a highly energy efficient eco-home, which will meet the uk government target, that all new homes should be zero carbon by 2016.  This three bedroom home was designed to offer the client an affordable, zero carbon house, that ensured a high level of energy efficiency, while integrating renewable energy systems, and ensuring running costs were kept to an absolute minimum.



Benefits of a Zero Carbon House in Northern Ireland


Homes built to zero carbon standards in Ireland and Northern Ireland should be relatively future-proof

  • They will not contribute towards climate change during their operation
  • Their occupants will be unlikely to suffer fuel poverty
  • Their occupants will be well cushioned from the effects of international fuel markets.



Renewable Energy Technologies Installed in Zero Carbon House

A Zero-carbon home is a Energy-efficient dwelling where the net carbon emissions from all energy uses over a year are zero. This includes energy use from cooking, washing and electronic entertainment appliances as well as space heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and hot water.  To ensure these requirements were met the following renewable energy systems were installed.


Solar Hot Water Panels  ( To provide Hot water, washing etc)

Installation of Kingspan Solar HP200 30 evacuated solar panel System, to provide free solar hot water.  This will provide up to 70% of the domestic hot water required for this Zero Carbon House.  It also comes a Kingspan Accredited Installers Scheme warranty of 20 years.  NuTech  Renwables Ltd estimate that the solar system will generate 1986 kWh/y of heat energy for this property annually.


Solar Photovoltaic / Solar Electrical  ( To provide Lighting, cooking)

Installation of GB Sol Solar Pv Panels to provide the house with the electricity required.  Any access energy can also be sold back to the grid.  The zero carbon house will also qualify for future RHI Payments

 Wood Pellet Stove (To provide space heating)

A palazzetti sealed wood pellet stove, ideal for Passive House and Zero Carbon Homes throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland


Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation System (For Heating and Cooling)

This heat recovery ventilation system will help to heat the home in the winter, and cool it in summer.  It will also ensure low Running Cost


IRES Controller

These renewable energy systems are controlled by NuTech Renewables Ltd Integrated Renewable Energy Systems Controller




Zero Carbon House, Northern Ireland Financial Information


Grants and Incentives for Renewable Energy Systems installed in Zero Carbon House


NIE Household Grant for Solar Photovoltaic (Solar Electricity)

The client was able to claim a Grant for £2,000.0 per Kwp,  for the costs of the solar photovoltaic installation, from the NIE Household Grant for Solar Photovoltaic scheme.  This grant helped to reduce the initial build costs of the Zero Carbon House.


 NI Smart Program- Grant for Solar Hot Water

The client was also able to claim a  £400 Grant for the Solar Hot water System from the NI smart programme, again helping to reduce the installation costs of the renewable energy systems in the zero carbon house.

Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme- Grant for Wood Pellet Boiler

The client was able to claim a grant of £2500 from the installation of the Palazzetti wood pellet stove.  Thus reducing the costs of the renewable energy heating system in the zero carbon house.


Rate Rebate

This Zero Carbon House will benefit from  five years of free council rates under the Low Carbon and Zero Carbon Homes Scheme.



Future Income from Renewable Energy Systems Installed in Zero Carbon House

Renewable Energy Obligation Certification – ROC payments for Solar Electricity

Any additional solar electricity generated can be sold back to the grid, thus producing an income for the house, and ensuring low running costs.  The ROC’s payments in Northern Ireland is currently 16.96p / unit.


Future Renewable Heat Incentive  Payments

This Zero Carbon House will also benefit from future RHI payment for the energy produced by the wood pellet boiler, and the solar hot water panels




Additional Information on zero carbon home design


For more details on costs and energy requirements please contact Nutech Renewables Ltd 



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