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Wood Pellet stoves, Biomass Boilers Northern Ireland

Wood Pellet stoves, Biomass Boilers Northern Ireland, Ireland.  How to chose the correct biomass heating system for your needs.

Wood pellet stoves and biomass boilers installed in homes across Ireland, and Northern Ireland are not all the same.  For Example some pellet burning stoves are  installed to heat one room only. These are known as Room Heating Pellet Stoves. They use forced ventilation to heat a room.

Other wood pellet stoves know as duct-able  or Space Heating Wood Pellet Stoves.  These wood pellet stoves produce hot air, which  via a powerful fan is push through a ducting system, to heat several rooms. Due to the low noise from the fans, these stoves are quiet to operate. Furthermore some  stoves use use radiation and natural convection which makes them silent.

Wood Pellet stoves, Biomass Boilers Northern Ireland. Hydro Wood Pellet Stoves.

Hydro wood pellet stoves give central heating and heat hot water.  As a result it takes only a few minutes to warm up  domestic radiators. Hydro pellet stoves work like a central heating system in a new or existing home.  So they are a great alternative to traditional central heating fuels such as oil, gas and solid fuel.

Wood Pellet stoves, Biomass Boilers Northern Ireland. Passiv Haus and Confined Space Stoves.

There are some  specialized stoves. You may need a sealed wood pellet stove to heat a passive house. A sealed stove makes sure that the air balance of the passive house will not be affected. These stoves are make to work with the heating and ventilation needs of a passiv haus.

If you have a small space or a tight corner you may want a stove for a confined space. Due to to the stoves reduced depth and height, they can bey installed in corridors or small rooms, even against a wall.

In Conclusion, no matter what you need from a pellet stove Cadel, Mcz, Palazzetti and Wodtke will have a stove to suit your needs.

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