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Wood Pellet Boilers,Wood Burning Stoves, NI

Wood Pellet Boilers,Wood Burning Stoves, NI

These are wood fuelled heating systems, which are also known as biomass heating systems.  These stoves  burn wood pellets, wood chips or logs to provide warmth in either a single room or to power central heating and hot water boilers for your home in Ireland or Northern Ireland.  These biomass heating systems can be installed in either a new build or existing home in a room such as a kitchen, living room erc provided it has a chimney or a flue system is installed.  Wood pellet stoves and wood burning boilers come in different sorts of shapes,sizes and colours to suit both your heating requirements and interior design style, ie the Palazzetti sealed range suitable for low energy and passive houses.

Cost of installing a biomass heating system

There are many benefits of installing a biomass heating system in your home, i.e wood pellets are cheaper than other heating options such as oil or gas.

Installing and Choosing a wood-fuelled biomass boiler heating system

Wood pellet Boilers, and wood gasification boilers  can be used in place of a standard gas or oil boiler to heat radiators for a whole house, and to heat the hot water.  Wood Pellet boilers can be controlled to run automatically in much the same way that gas or oil boilers operate. Some of the palazzetti wood pellet stoves can also be controlled via mobile phone app, and remote control.  Wood pellet Stoves such as the mcz comfort air range, and the palazzetti silent range can be used to heat a single room without any noise from the operation from the wood stove fans.  Wood pellet stoves can be filled by hand via wood pellet bags, or via an automatic hopper, while wood burning stoves have to be filled with wood by hand.

Below you will find a range of wood pellet stove, wood gasification boilers and wood burning stoves available for supply and install in homes across Ireland, Northern Ireland

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