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Wood Burning Stoves Ireland

Wood Burning Stoves Ireland

A wood-burning stove burns  wooden logs  in an enclosed fire chamber, the heat generated is sent out to a room via the glass and claddings on the wood burning stove.  If you require heating in multiple rooms this can be achieved via the heat from the flame being pushed into a ducting system that transmits it to other rooms, through an air outlet vale.  In Palazzetti wood burning stoves this wood burning technology is known as the  “Turbo System”.  In Mcz Wood burning stoves this wood burning technology is known as Comfort Air®, and mcz air outlet vales have a minimalist design and exclusive light and aromatherapy function.  This wood burning stove technology allows the heat to be released into a room with rapid distribution, uniform and allowing a saving in fuel consumption. Additionally This wood-burning  technology allows a home owner in Ireland, Northern Ireland to enjoy the pleasure of firewood combustion in absolute comfort.

Wood Burning Stoves  Installation  Northern Ireland

Wood Burning Stoves can be installed in both new built and existing homes.  In existing homes you can use your pre-existing heating system (e.g. radiators) while still enjoying the pleasure of firewood combustion. Simply choose a wood-burning stove from the Palazzetti Idro range that is capable of yielding most of the heat it produces to the water to even satisfy the heating requirements of very large homes.

Choosing a wood Burning Stove

NuTech Renewables Ltd supplies and installs wood burning stoves from German designer Wodkte, and from Italian designers Mcz and Palazetti.  This ensures home-owners can between wood burning stoves having a classic, modern or more traditional design, featuring various colours and textures of claddings to suit your interior design, and using patented methods and wood burning stove technologies to match your heating requirements and project budgets.

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