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Varisol Heat Pipe Solar Panels

  • varisol heat pipe solar panels for domestic solar hot water, solar thermal heating,

Varisol Heat Pipe Solar Panels have been designed to provide up to 70% of your annual hot water.  Vacuum tube technology 30% more effective than flat panel collectors.  VARISOL products are designed specifically to work in Norther European climates.  They work in cold, wet and humid conditions from dawn until dusk every day of the year.  The Varisol Heat Pipe solar panels contain the world leading technology of Thermomax heat pipe tubes, and hte unique modular design combine to offer a high performance collector with a lower cost of ownership than ever before.

Varisol Heat Pipe Solar Panels Features and Performance

Flexibility and high performance are not the only benefits of this unique new design. The combination of high performance polymer materials and ‘click-fit’ technology creates a product that is easier to order, store and install and is also more environmentally friendly.


  • Rapid installation.
  • Can size collectors to fit available space e.g. in between windows.

End user

  • Only pay for what you need e.g. 24 tube collector – exactly sized with no surplus energy.
  • Expandable as needs change – can grow the system with your family.


  • Improved stock control – no manifolds to stock, so no guesswork with regard to number required and no capital tied up in manifolds that may/may not be used.


  • Less use of energy intensive metals with no brazing or welding, reducing energy in manufacturing
  • Lighter weight and reduced packaging, minimises the impact of transport.


Varisol Heat Pipe Solar Panels Specification and Technical Data

  • The most suitable collector for domestic applications
  • Precision sizing – 100% accurate
  • High performance of Thermomax heat pipe technology
  • High Performance Polymer material
  • Manifold component and tube pre-assembled
  • Box sizes of 1, 5 and 10
  • Expandable
  • 20 year warranty with Kingspan Solar Accredited Installer
  • Collector size from 1-150 tubes
  • 100% European design and manufacture
  • 5 year warranty against hail damage
  • Dry connection tubes for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Temperature limitation device for system protection

Varisol Heat Pipe Solar Panels Grants and Accreditations


Installation of Solar Panels Ireland

Kingspan Varisol Heat Pipe Solar Panels  are SEAI Accredited, so if installed by a Kingspan and SEAI Accredited installer in a existing home in Ireland may qualify for a €1200 SEAI Better Energy Homes Scheme grant.


Installation of Solar Panels Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme

Kingspan Varisol Heat Pipe Solar Panels  are Mcs Accredited, so if installed by a Mcs Accredited installer in a Northern Ireland home may qualify for a £320 grant.

Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Incentive

Varisol Heat Pipe Solar Panels is Mcs Accredited, so if installed by an accredited Mcs Installer in Northern Ireland may also qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive payments for solar thermal panel installation

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