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Underfloor Heating System Northern Ireland

Underfloor Heating System Northern Ireland can be put into a new build or existing home. They can be put into a commercial office or building.  As a result you may want to use Underfloor heating to heat your home or office.

How do Underfloor Heating System Northern Ireland work?

Firstly for the  underfloor heating system to work correctly you will need a heat source, such as an oil condensing boiler, or a heat pump.   In a heating system the heat source will warm water which will carry heat through a home.  In a oil fired central heating system this hot water is sent by pipes to a radiator.  The radiators  heats the air in the room via convention.  This means that the floor is the coolest part of the room. The warm air rises to the ceiling creating drafts and temperature fluctuations.

An underfloor heating system heats a room by radiant heating. It warms  the room by circulating warm water through pipes located beneath the floor. It evenly spreads heat across the room. So there are no cold draughts. Plus the humidity is higher, and as a result the room will not become stuffy.  Radiators are no longer needed so giving more room space and  so dust is not circulated.

An underfloor heating system uses water heated to a lower temperature than traditional heating system. So the heat source does not use as much energy to heat the water.  This process allows for Energy savings of at least 15%.

Underfloor Heating System Northern Ireland Technical Benefits

  • Underfloor Heating System Northern Ireland
  • Stringent certification criteria and guarantees.
  • Multi-layer pipe technology.
  • Even floor temperature throughout the room.
  • Underfloor heating is suitable for high ceilings and large areas of glazing.
  • Warm floors means higher comfort levels.
  • The heat is at the floor level, not by the ceiling.
  • Reduced convection currents.
  • Floors will be dry with underfloor heating.

Advantages of  Underfloor Heating System Ireland, Northern Ireland.

Underfloor Heating System Ireland, Northern Ireland.Comfortable Home. There are no draughts and No Cold-Spots. Under-floor heating gives an even temperature over the whole floor area and no cold spots are created.

Comfort & Silence. Compared to radiator systems there is no noise. So no annoying ticking as pipes expand in floor voids. As a result there is no noise with underfloor heating system.

Cost effective. Energy saving from 15-40% can be achieved with underfloor heating.

Healthy Home. Air which holds bacteria and allergens. It is not moved with a underfloor system. As a result this reduces the growth of dust mites. So less circulation of dust. Plus radiant heat does not dry out the air as with other heating systems.  Therefore your home is more healthy.

Peace and Quiet. No more noises from large fans, air forced through small registers, pipe expansion and contraction or water gurgling in pipes.

Space-Saving: No ugly radiator on the wall and as a result the furniture can be located anywhere in the room.No risk of injury with sharp corners and high temperatures.

Safe Home. The pipes for underfloor heating system are hidden underneath the floor . In addition it has low temperatures.  As a result this make burns almost impossible.

Underfloor Heating System Ireland, Northern Ireland.

 Under-Floor Heating and Heat Pumps in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

There are lots of reasons to install under-floor heating with a heat pump. It is better and more energy efficient to use underfloor heating with a heat pump to heat your home. This can result in savings of up to 80% when compared with fossil fuel based systems.

There are various types of heat pumps,  ground source heat pumps, water source heat pumps and air source heat pumps. A ground source heat pump is the most expensive one as pipe work needs to be hidden in the ground.  The cheapest heat pump to buy is an air source heat pump. So we suggest you email us your plans and we can give you a free no obligation quote on which heat pump is best for your needs.


How much does a Underfloor Heating Systems cost ?

Underfloor Heating System Ireland, Northern Ireland.

The answer to this question depends on the underfloor heating system you choose. How much underfloor heating system you install, i.e the bigger the space covered the more money you will spend. So we suggest you email us your plans and we can give you a free no obligation quote.

You can view some underfloor heating installations on the case study page.

For further details please  contact nutech renewables ltd, or give the team a call on +44 28 41753031.

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