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Solar Photovoltaic Systems Ireland

Solar Photovoltaic Systems Ireland

Solar electric or photovoltaic (PV) systems use the sun’s energy to produce electricity, the solar pv technology ensures that even on cloudy days the solar electricity panels will still be generating electricity though not as much as you would on a sunny day. At night time there will not be enough light to produce electricity, so you produce it during the day (and export excess to the grid as your means of storage) and import it from the grid at night when the panels are not producing.  This ensures constant electricity supply and can then be used to reduce your electricity bills, it also reduces CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases. Many people building new build homes across Ireland are installing Solar Photovoltaic Systems to also help satisfy the planning regulation to ensure that at least the minimum required proportion of your energy needs are met by a renewable energy source.

Solar Photovoltaic Payments, Northern Ireland

A solar photovoltaic Installation in your home in Northern Ireland can generate income for your household, via  Roc (Renewable Obligation Certificate) Payment and Export Tariff (what you get paid to export excess energy back to the grid.  The amount of electricity that your  solar photovoltaic Installation generates will be measured by a generation meter.  A solar photovoltaic Installation in Northern Ireland under 50kW in size, will receive 4 ROC’s for every kWh, or unit, of electricity that your PV system generates.  Thus you will receive an income  per kWh. The ROC’s payment scheme is government guaranteed for 20 years index linked, ensuring that your investment in renewable energy continues to reward you for the full lifetime of the investment.  The amount of energy, you export is measured by a special export meter, which NIE will install in your home, free of charge, Your export payments will be paid annually and will be made by Power NI directly into your bank account. A meter reader will continue to read your electricity meter so that a bill can be issued for the amount of electricity you have bought from your current energy provide

NuTech Renewables Ltd supply and install solar photovoltaic systems across Ireland, and will conduit a site assessment to consider your electricity needs, your available space and your budget, and will then help you chose a suitable Solar Photovoltaic System.  Below you will find more information on solar electric panels manufactured by Dimplex, Kingspan, GB Sol

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