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Solar Panel Systems Ireland, NI

Solar Panel Systems Ireland, NI

NuTech Renewables Ltd supply and install Solar Panel Systems Ireland, NI which are designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating domestic hot water for your home in Ireland, Northern Ireland

Solar photovoltaic panels ( Solar PV)

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels  also known as solar pv, solar electricity panels, are designed to convert the sun’s energy into electricity to power your home’s lights and appliances. A meter is installed to show you how much electricity you are generating.  Any electricity that you generate but don’t use can be exported back to the grid. If you live in Northern Ireland you can sell this export energy, know as Roc Payments.  ROCs are payable based on the amount of electricity you generate, each year for 20 years.   For example you could save up to £850 a year based on how much electricity you generate, the amount you save on your electricity bill and the amount of electricity you export back.

Solar water heating

Solar water heating is a reliable and cost effective way to convert energy from the sun directly into hot water for your home.  Solar hot water panels also known as solar thermal panels, and when installed in homes across Ireland and  Northern Ireland can provide between 50-70% of the annual domestic hot water requirements  NuTech Renewables Ltd supply and install both flat plate and evacuated solar collectors from Kingspan Solar (Thermomax) and Dimplex.  NuTech Renewables Ltd are  manufacturer accredited and SEAI, MCS certified solar panel installers , so this means you install a solar thermal, solar hot water panel on your existing home in Ireland, you may be entitled to a €1200 SEAI Better Energy Homes Grant (*T+C APPLY).

Below are the details of the various solar panel technologies that NuTech supply and install throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland

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