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Solar Hot Water System

A Solar hot water system uses solar panels, to absorb the heat from solar radiation to provide hot water. The solar panel array, can consist of either ‘evacuated tubes’ or ‘flat plate’ panels. The size of solar panels required is project specific, however a typical domestic solar hot water system for a 5 person household is: 30 Evacuated Tubes & 300l Cylinder or 2 x Flat Plate Panels & 300l Cylinder

A solar hot water system is mainly composed of  a solar hot water cylinder and solar panels. It works by pumping fluid from the hot water cylinder to the solar panels, where it is heated, and then returns to the hot water cylinder, thus heating your water. 

The  solar hot water system, also known as a solar thermal system, has a thermal controller installed to ensure the system does not overheat during peak periods of sunshine, and antifreeze is added to ensure it does not freeze during cold spells.

Solar technology can be used to provide approx 60% of your hot water requirements (i.e.  showers, taps, etc..), when installed in a South facing direction. The solar panels will provide hot water in the summer, and will pre-heat the water in the winter time, thus reducing the load on your boiler, and your use of the emersion heater. (Please click here to view previous installation case-studies)

NuTech Renewables Ltd offer a full solar sizing service, when trying to satisfy Building Regulations (Part L in Ireland) and grant requirements.  All of the solar hot water systems are designed, installed and commissioned to be self sufficient, and as maintenance free as possible.

Solar Panels can also be used to heat the water in the central heating system of your home (know as space heating). In new build houses in Ireland solar panels are being used to provide both hot water and space heating, reducing future fuel bills, and improving the BER certificate rating of the house.

NuTech Renewables Ltd also specialise in low energy heating through use of solar panels, and the patented Solar Enhanced Ventilation System. (Please click here for further details

  Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Ireland and Northern Ireland

  • Reduce your Heating Costs – Use less oil, gas or electric for heating your house
  • Improve your Building Energy Rating (BER)
  • Free Hot Water
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions and carbon footprint
  • Take advantage of  grants currently available
  • Payback period generally is 4-5 Years


Which solar panel should you use?

Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated tube collectors are glass vacuum tubes mounted in rows, whereby each tube is connected to a manifold containing the solar heat transfer fluid.

Evacuated tubes work in cold, cloudy and windy conditions which are very common in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Evacuated tube solar panels tend to have a higher efficiency per m² than flat plate panels.

Flat Plate 

A flat plate collector usually consists of a large sheet of metal which contains pipes holing a heating transfer fluid, which is housed in an insulated panel



£320 Grant available in Northern Ireland through the Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme As an accredited MCS installer, NuTech Renewables Ltd can help you claim a £320 grant if you wish to install solar panels on a property in Northern Ireland.

€800 Grant Available in Ireland for existing home-owners wishing to install solar panels.   Available from Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (click here for details). As a registered SEAI approved installer, NuTech Renewables Ltd can help you claim a €800 grant for installing solar panels in an existing home in Ireland.

Want to know more ?

If you would like more information please call + 44 28 417 53031, or email, to arrange a free site survey.

This will determine the suitability of solar panels for your hot water or heating demands. We can explain the grant application procedure, and can give an estimate of costs.


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