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Solar Enhanced Heating Installations

Solar Enhanced Heating Installations

Solar Enhanced Heating Installations, Ireland, Northern Ireland. Solar Thermal (aka Solar Hot water Panels) are installed onto the roof of the house, and connected to the patented NuTech Solar Enhanced Heating System (SEH).  By doubling the number of solar panels you can increase the amount of solar energy being provided to the new or existing home in Ireland, Northern Ireland. Throughout the day the seh uses this solar energy to provide both solar hot water and solar air heating.  This is achieved through the use of a positive input ventilation (PIV) system, and solar energy being sent to an enlarged storage cylinder.  At night NuTech’s specially designed and patented Intelligent Renewable Energy System (Ires) controller takes heat from this cylinder , and delivers it to the house by way of the  positive input ventilation (PIV) system,

Benefits of Patented Solar Enhanced Heating Installations

The patented Solar Enhanced Heating system can deliver around three time the amount of free solar energy normally achieved via solar thermal panels.  It has been calculated that the internal rate of return (IRR) with this system is in fact doubled – up to 8% in a typical situation.  The affect on the BER of the house is also quite dramatic, the sev system delivers the same result as installing typical solar water heating together with heat recovery ventilation. And all of this comes at a much reduced cost while ensuring excellent indoor air quality.

Grants and Incentives for Solar Enhanced Heating Installations

Northern Ireland Rnewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme

Support for a solar thermal / solar panel  installation in an existing house may qualify for a grant of €1200 under the Better Energy Homes Scheme

Renewable Heat Incentive Northern Ireland

Support for new solar thermal / solar panel  installations in homes across Northern Ireland may qualify for a grant of £320 under the Northern Ireland Rnewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme,  as well as Renewable Heat Incentive  payments for 7 years.