Expertise in patented Integrated Renewable Energy Solutions, Ireland, NI

Renewable Energy Installations

Renewable Energy Installations are carried out across Ireland and Northern Ireland by NuTech Renewables. The green energy experts. They make sure you get compliance with current building regulations. They know that homes are now more insulated, and air tight. So it is important to make sure they have enough ventilation. Ventilation Systems gives buildings the the right amount of fresh air, when they need it, and where this is useful.This lowers the amount of air that must be heated, cooled or dehumidified in a building.This saves energy and lowers bills.

It is best practice to join green energy systems with high levels of insulation. This reduces the heating needs of a building. Which reduces the heating bills. This helps to future proof against cost raises in fossil fuels. To heat your home or business you can use a green energy system. The more free or renewable energy you use, the lower the heating bill. NuTech recommend their patented solar assisted heating and ventilation system to reduce heating bills. This approach is cheaper than a heat pump and has a proven history of award winning homes and projects.

NuTech will help you to find the best alternative green energy solution to suit your needs and your budget. They take the time to explain why it is the best solution for your needs. Below you will find recent case studies on renewable energy installations across Ireland and Northern Ireland. These green energy systems can be installed in both new and existing homes.

Examples of Renewable Energy Installations

Solar hot water Heating Systems.Renewable Energy Installations They an give 60-70% of annual domestic hot water needs. They help to reduce heating bills.

Solar Electricity Panels. They help to reduce power bills.

Biomass Heating Systems. wood pellet stoves. wood pellet boilers. wood burning stoves. These have been used as a direct replacement for oil or gas.

Heat pumps.  Air source heat pumps and Ground source heat pumps (geothermal heat pumps) gives homes and business heating and hot water. Reducing both cO2 emissions and heating bills. They can be used with Underfloor heating.

We are an accredited installer under the Micro-generation scheme (Northern Ireland, Uk) and Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland.  So we can help clients to access  grants and payments for the installation of alternative heating systems.