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Property Development Funding For Renewable Energy, Ireland

Property Development Funding For Renewable Energy, Ireland

The government is keen for property developers to install renewable energy systems such as solar thermal, biomass boilers,heat pumps and ventilation systems to provide heating and domestic hot water in all new properties built across Ireland.  For example in a housing development a biomass boiler can ensured rooms are warm and showers have piping hot water all day. When these renewable energy systems are combined with high levels of insulation they help the property developer to meet heating and ventilation building regulations, and help the property achieve a good ber rating. Furthermore it will ensure the property is future proofed against raising fossil fuel prices, and will ensure low heating and hot water costs for the occupant. While Ground source heat pumps are an ideal solution for heating and cooling in commercial buildings. These systems can collect (for heating) or “dump” (for cooling) energy through pipes buried just below the ground. Installation costs are similar to those of conventional heating systems; running costs are much lower. Solar collectors can be particularly economical for space or water heating in large buildings. Even in Ireland’s variable climate, solar panels can provide around 60% of the hot water requirements for buildings.

NuTech Renewables Ltd  provide free and impartial support and advice to property developers who wish to install renewable energy systems into their housing development or commercial property.  NuTech Renewables Ltd can advise of any available renewable energy loans, or grant schemes available. For example a commercial client installing renewable energy systems in a commercial building may be able to benefit from a tax incentive such as the Accelerated Capital Allowance.  Whatever your project, NuTech Renewables Ltd can design, supply and install a renewable energy system to meet your requirements

Below you will find full details about the Property Development Grants currently available in Ireland

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