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Positive Input Ventilation

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Positive Input Ventilation is a small economical fan with speed settings. These adapt to the size of the house. Plus the number of people who live in the house. This fan then blows a supply of fresh filtered air to your loft space. This is through a small vent placed somewhere in the ceiling of your home. (landing or above the stairs.)

It remove pollutants from the home. It removes surface condensation. It prevents mould growth and reduce house dust mite populations. It gives a home-owner a fresh, healthy and condensation free home.

Heat in your home rises towards the ceiling. This enters the loft as wasted energy. A PIV unit in your loft space can recycle this heat. Couple this with sun rays on your roof’s surface during winter ( solar gain ) and it will warm all the air in the loft to a temperature warmer than that of the outside. This fresh air is then filtered and blown back into your home where it mixes with the rising heat to distribute and mix the heated air inside your home more effectively.

I don’t have access to a loft space can I still have a PIV system ?


Positive Input VentilationYes you can. The Nuaire Flatmaster or the Flatmaster 2000 units are ideal for situations where you don’t have access to a loft space. (Loft conversion, flat or apartment.)

  • The Drimaster range offers whole home ventilation for two and three story homes with lofts.
  • The Flatmaster range offers whole home ventilation for homes without lofts, and can be used to ventilate cellars and basements.


 Positive Input Ventilation Features

Positive Input VentilationCures condensation dampness – PIV removes humidity from the air. It prevents mould growth.  It controls dust-mite allergens.

    •  Improves indoor air quality. Indoor pollutants from cooking and cleaning are removed while outdoor pollutants including traffic fumes, pollen and Radon gas are kept out.
    •  Meets Regulations – meets Part F & L of Building Regulations as a low-energy ventilation strategy.
    •  Optional manual boost switch. when more ventilation is required.
    •  Extremely low power consumption. Costs on average 1 penny per day to run.
    •  Easy installation and very low maintenance . Filter clean or replacement every five years.
    •  Fixed heat recovery. Minimises loss of heat in the loft by recirculating the air, saving energy.
    •  System standby in summer months. when the loft temperature exceeds 23°C.
    •  Health benefits. clinically proven to help allergy and asthma sufferers.


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Positive Input Ventilation For further details please  contact nutech renewables ltd, or give the team a call on +44 28 41753031

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