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 NuTech Renewables Patented Technology.


NuTech Renewables Patented Technology NuTech Renewables company Directors Bill Quigley and Mark Forkin are recognised as industry experts on the utilisation of solar heating systems for Low Energy and Passive Homes.  Together they have over 50 years experience in this field, and have provided consultations for high profile companies such as Kingspan Group Plc, Crh Plc, Nuaire ltd.

Bill Quigley has acted as Project Director on a number of Energy Demonstration Projects for the Energy Directorate of the European Commission, and also represented the European Commission on study tours to Brazil and Japan.

NuTech Renewables Patented Technology

Mark and Bill have utilised their experience to design solar heating and ventilation systems for companies such as Nuaire Ltd , and are listed as co-inventors on these patents. More recently Mark and Bill have designed and patented intergrated solar heating solutions for passive houses, and these systems are available exclusuively at NuTech Renewables Ltd


For further information about Bill and Mark, please visit their linkedin and twitter profiles

 Below you will find details of the patented technology invented by Bill and Mark.



Improved Solar Panel and Air Heating and Heating Recovery Ventilation System


NuTech Renewables Patented TechnologySolar Ehanced Ventilation / Ires Patent: WO1996025632),  

Bill Quigley has patented the technology for an air heating and heat recovery ventilation system.  This system collect solar energy  (through solar panels) and through use of an air handing unit, distributes this heat throughout a house.

This is controlled through the patented IRES System, and is sold through NuTech Renewables Ltd as the Solar Enhanced Ventilation System

To read patent (WO1996025632), please click here



 An Air Handling Appartus


NuTech Renewables Patented TechnologyAn Air Handling Appartus: Patent:  PCT/IE2006/0092

 Mark Forkin and Bill Quigley have patented the design of an Air Handling Appartus, that is used in Solar Heating and Ventilation Systems

To read patent PCT/IE2006/00092 Please click here 



 Improvements to Ventilation Systems


NuTech Renewables Patented TechnologyHeating and Ventilation patent: GB2002003247


Working with Nuaire Ltd, Mark Forkin and Bill Quigley patented the technology for a heating and ventilation system, that provides heating and hot water for a building by utilising solar radiation and a heat exchanger.

To read patent GB2002003247, please click here



NuTech Renewables Patented Technology Further Information

NuTech Renewables Patented Technology

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