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Modern fireplaces from palazzetti. A modern fireplace  from Palazzetti gives warmth and style in a room. The fireplace makes a statement in the room. The Palazzetti fireplaces are sculptural. As a result their shape draws people into the room.  Where they enjoy socializing and basking in the glow from the fire.

Modern fireplaces from palazzettiThere is nothing to compare with a real flame fire by Palazzetti .  The cozy welcoming ambience created by a proper fire is like nothing else. No other form of heating can create such a satisfying focal point in your living room. Even if your home is heated throughout with some form of central heating, don’t miss out on the pleasure that can be gained from sitting near a reassuring hearth.

The desire for a real fire never really fades, in winter not many people can resist its enticing appeal.  Its our response to a very natural instinct!  So who is leading the way in satisfying our fundamental need for living flame fires? There are of course numerous manufacturers of stoves and fireplaces throughout the world.  One notable Italian company in this field is Palazzetti, who are a leading European and worldwide expert in all forms of wood and biomass domestic heating.

 Modern fireplaces from palazzettiModern fireplaces from palazzetti. The Alma Fireplace.


The Alma fireplace is made for people to enjoy socializing and basking in the glow from the fire. It is ideal for placement in the centre of a room. The Alma fireplace has a shape and style which looks to the future. It is made of cement like material. This gives high performance and warmth.

Modern fireplaces from palazzettiModern fireplaces from palazzetti. The Casablanca Fireplace.

The Casablanca is a fire ideal for a romantic setting. Perhaps in the bedroom or a cozy corner where you and a loved one can snuggle up. The simply styled Casablanca has an attractive organic grill. This insures that it is tasteful without being too flamboyant.


 There are more models of Modern fireplaces from palazzetti for you to browse through . So  you can  dream of the delights of cozy winter evenings basking in the firelight.

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