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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery Ventilation

 Heat Recovery Ventilation

This Heat Recovery Ventilation system recovers eat from the exhaust air, and from wet areas of the home.  This heat is then transferred  to the incoming fresh air destined for the living sections of your house.  A hidden network of ducting connects to each room.  The system can  re-uses up to 95% of the heat that would have otherwise have been lost.  (In summer the heat recovery option can be turned off, so the house gets fresh incoming air).  The  HRV system filters the incoming air. This improves the indoor air quality in the home. It reduces condensation and mould.  Your home will have a constant supply of fresh air.  It will have lower heating bills. Your home has increased comfort levels.

What are the benefits of using Heat Recovery Ventilation?

Heat Recovery VentilationHealth. People spend over 80% of their time indoors. 50% of all illnesses are either caused by, or aggravated by poor indoor air quality. A HRV system removes stale moist air from your home, creating a more suitable and healthy place to live.

Fresh Air. Fresh filtered air supplied to your home.  Condensation and indoor pollutants removed.

Economy. Recovers heat from the air leaving the building. Reduces home heating costs.

SAP  Calculations. Reduces carbon Footprint of home.


Heat Recovery Ventilation Technical Information.

 Running costs of Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

Heat Recovery VentilationThe running costs depend on many factors.

  • The size (volume) of the house.
  • The efficiency of the air handling unit.
  • The design and layout of the ducting system.
  • The number of people in the house.

A properly designed, correctly installed and commissioned system in a 5 bedroom, 210m2 2 storey house can be run for as little as €35 per annum


Heat Recovery Ventilation Quote

Heat Recovery VentilationFor further details please  contact nutech renewables ltd, or give the team a call on +44 28 41753031

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