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Low Energy Radiators Ireland

Low Energy Radiators Ireland

A low energy radiator is one that uses lower water temperatures than a traditional radiator.  These radiators are normally installed in combination with a heating system which can also utilise heating water at lower temperatures, for more energy efficient heating, such as underfloor heating, heat pumps, or condensing boilers. For example Some clients may choose to install  Aluminium radiators, as they are now available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit your interior design requirements.  Aluminium radiators require far less energy to heat up, so  you don’t have to run them for a long time before it has an effect on the temperature of a room.  This responsiveness avoids the wasted energy of heating an unoccupied room and, in turn, results in lower water, gas and electricity bills.

If you are installing a heat pump system in your home, you may wish to install Solo Heating radiators as operate at a much lower water temperatures than radiators, so are ideal for use with Heat pumps.  Similarly condensing boilers can be made condense under all load circumstances, and this results in major energy saving. Alternatively SmartRad radiators by Dimplex is an intelligent fan convector, able to use far lower temperature water,than conventional radiator systems. This makes SmartRad ideal for use with heat pumps, as it makes the heat pump system more energy effective in new build projects.  Dimplex smartrad radiators can also be retro-fitted in to existing premises with minimal disruption.  Utilising fan assisted convection also provides the advantage of even distribution of warm air throughout the room, unlike conventional radiators which heat a room unevenly and tend to leave colder air at lower levels. Ultimately this can also lead to further energy savings as rooms feel more comfortable at lower temperature.  These low energy radiators have a stylish, compact design, with a choice of white metal, white glass or black glass finish, and have Integral electronic thermostatic control, providing automatic control over fan speed output and room temperature

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