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Heat pump, Underfloor Heating Install Castlewellan.

  • Dimplex A class Heat pump Installation Castlewellan , Ni

Heat pump, Underfloor Heating Install Castlewellan, Northern Ireland. The client was a self-builder building a new family home in Castlewallan.  The home owner was keen to look at an alternative to oil heating.  They did not want the inconvenience of waiting on oil deliveries and the changing price of oil throughout the year.  Furthermore they did not want an oil storage tank taking up valuable room in the garden.  In addition the family was keen to make their home as comfortable and economical to run as possible.   As a result the client decided that he would like to heat his new home via a green heating system.

The new home has a significant heating and hot water demand.   Consequently it was agreed that an air source heat pump would be the best match to meet these needs and family lifestyle.  Therefore an Air source heat pump seemed an obvious way to provide the heating.  It has easy installation and minimal maintenance costs.   Furthermore this could be used with an underfloor heating system to distribute heat throughout the home.

The Dimplex A-Class air source heat pump will future proof this home.  It will reduce CO2 emissions and keep heating bills to a minimum.

Heat pump, Underfloor Heating Install Castlewellan. Technologies Used

Dimplex 12kw A-Class Air Source Heat Pump.

Heat pump, Underfloor Heating Install CastlewellanThe client decided to install a 12KW Dimplex AClass Air Source Heat Pump.  This air source heat pump is designed to work in the Northern Ireland climate. It will heat hot water even at outdoor temperatures as low as -15 degrees C. As a result  this is an air source system that you can depend upon to deliver all of your heating and hot water every day.

Most of all the A-Class heat pump controller is easy to use.  It runs the complete home heating system, the heat pump, and room and water temperatures.   In Conclusion this air source heat pump gives the homeowner full heating and domestic hot water at a price cheaper than mains gas.


Other Technologies Used.

An integrated heat pump 250 liter stainless steel cylinder and buffer tank was installed. A buffer tank is a body of water which is heated by the heat pump when it is running.  So it reduces the possibility of the pump ‘short-cycling’ or firing up more often than needed.   Which ensures instant hot water for space heating and domestic supply to taps. It is also a safety measure.

Underfloor Heating System .

New build house with ufh installation

The client chose to install an underfloor heating system to distribute heat throughout his property.   A underfloor heating system saves home-owners money on their heating bills. For example in the average UK home half the energy we use goes on heating and hot water. A underfloor heating system does not need as much energy  as radiators to heat your home. In addition under floor heating is cheaper to run as it heats from the floor up and not from the ceiling down.  So your boiler can run at a lower temperature saving you money.

To further increase savings you may want to install a heat pump and underfloor heating to heat your home. This can result in savings of up to 80% when compared with fossil fuel based systems.

Consequently the client has chosen the best way of taking advantage of low flow temperatures to maximize the efficiency of the  Dimplex Aclass Heat Pump .

 Client Testimonial for Heat pump, Underfloor Heating Install Castlewellan.

Heat pump, Underfloor Heating Install Castlewellan“The Dimpelx A-Class heat pump with an underfloor heating system gave us the ideal solution for our homes hot water and heating needs.  We are very happy that rising fuel prices will not have such an impact on our future heating bills.

In additon one of the main attractions of underfloor heating is that it frees up space in your house. So this removes the need for radiators and other heating appliances that take up space in your home. So we can design our interiors how you want.

These are just some of the benefits of this green heating system.  Therefore in conclusion we are confident we made the right choice.

Heat pump, Underfloor Heating Install Castlewellan. Further Information.

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