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Exhaust Heat Pumps Ireland

Exhaust Heat Pumps Ireland

An exhaust air heat pump is basically an energy recycling system. It collects energy from warm inside air as it leaves your home via the ventilation system and reuses it to heat up fresh incoming air and tap water. An exhaust air source heat pump can be used in a varierty of new build and existing homes.  For example in houses built in 1980 or later, the most common, easiest and most profitable solution for heating and hot water is to install an exhaust air heat pump. With a NIBE exhaust air heat pump, you only pay half as much, or even less, for heating and hot water, compared to a conventional electric boiler with mechanical exhaust air ventilation. The rest is free. This is the perfect solution for newbuilds of up to approx. 200 m². If you’re building a new house or developing new apartments, now’s the perfect time to take advantage of NIBE’s energy efficient heating technology. Install an exhaust air heat pump and you can enjoy a healthy, oxygen rich atmosphere inside your home, at the same time as reducing your electricity consumption by more than 50%. There are several Nibe Exhaust Heat Pumps to choose from for example a Nibe F370 is A complete exhaust air heat pump providing heating, hot water, ventilation and heat recovery. While a Nibe  a controlled domestic ventilation system with heat recovery via a heat pump for heating and domestic hot water.

Please find below the range of Nibe Exhaust Air Heat pumps for supply and installation in Ireland and Northern Ireland

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