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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials Below is just a sample of the customer testimonials that NuTech Renewables Ltd receives for the various types of renewable energy systems and installations that NuTech Renewables carry out throughout Ireland.  NuTech Renewables Ltd are happy to arrange for you to speak to previous clients, just contact us to make the arrangements.

Energy Upgrades and Retro-Fit Customer Testimonials


NuTech Solar Passive HouseI have known Mark Forkin & Bill Quigley since the early nineties when they were leading the way in low energy housing, installing solar panels and heat pumps. In recent years our clients have become more aware of the environmental impact of the construction of their homes and are also very conscious the future energy costs of running their homes. With the need to have a BER certificate and the advent of the renewable energy contribution for all new dwellings, the Architect now has to provide the client with independent and professional advice based on knowledge distilled from an emerging and potentially confusing new area of regulation & technical expertise. In the last year we have met with many relatively new companies offering expert advice / information, usually focused on the sale of specific products / services, and which often conflicts with information from other competitor suppliers in relation to solar panels, heat recovery ventilation,heat pumpsbiomass boilers,  air tightness control etc.

As an architectural practice endeavouring to provide our clients with the best available advice, we have engaged with NuTech Renewables on a number of recent projects precisely because we knew that their expertise was comprehensive in relation to the many alternative ‘green energy’ systems available today and was based on many years of experience. Having been through a few projects with NuTech, we have found their assistance invaluable – not only do they provide and install the equipment to a very high standard, their all round knowledge of the practicalities of construction is excellent. Even though they were not directly involved in making the buildings airtight, their assistance was critical to achieving excellent results. We look forward to working with NuTech Renewables on many future projects.”

Mark G, Dublin

Castleknock ecological upgrade, installation of insulation, and renewable energy sourced boiler makes existing homes very energy efficient,“I am very happy to recommend the system and your company as a supplier to anyone.  I am very happy to assert that the air to water heat pump is very efficient when used with standard radiators once the customer accepts that it works most efficiently at low radiator temperatures (35 deg)  In my house when the heat comes on at 6.30am and runs to 10.30am. The Ecodan has the house warmed up on night rate electricity before we get up and this is maintained all day. Sometimes we had to switch the heat to 45 when it was cold outside”.

Enda, Dublin

I have found NuTech Renewables highly competent and reliable. Each job is tailored to suit the house and its occupants. The work is done in a timely manner and the location is left in a clean state. A recommended company of professionals

Finbar, Dunleer

Low Energy House Customer Testimonials


Installation of solar hot water panels to reduce domestic hot water bills, ArmaghThe solar panels help the boiler alot.  The panels heat the water to 20 or 30 degrees, and then the boiler tops it up.  Our new house is about twice the size of the old house, but we are not paying any more on the heating bills for our new home.”  Location: Armagh


Solar Enhanced Ventilation Wicklow, Ireland using NuTech Renewables Ltd patented solar technologyWe moved into our new house in Wicklow in Nov.09, I dealt with NuTech Renewables from a very early stage in the construction process. They advised me on the method of construction, its insulation and methods to achieve airtightness. They also designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the full renewable energy heating and hot water system and worked closely with my builder throughout the construction period.During this unusually cold weather which we have experienced in December 2009 and January 2010 we have been very pleased with the comfort conditions in our house. We leave the underfloor heating on for 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening in this cold weather and despite the outside air temperatures dropping to minus 5 degrees Celsius we have been very comfortable throughout this period. I particularly like the way NuTech have integrated the heating into the heat recovery ventilation system – it creates a very pleasant atmosphere.I would recommend NuTech Renewables to anybody building a Low Energy Sustainable House.”

Jonathan & Gemma, Co Wicklow

Solar  Enhanced Ventilation and Heating System Customer Testimonials 


Solar Enhanced Ventilation and Heating Dublin, part l heating using patented solar energy technologyI currently have the NuTech solar ventilation and heating system installed in my home and I am very happy with its performance. I have plenty of hot water and I have not used a drip of oil since March of this year. The solar ventilation provides a comfortable living environment and plenty of fresh air. The system was installed quickly and professionally by NuTech and I am glad I installed this system in my home”.

Robert, Dublin

 NuTech Solar Passive House Customer Testimonials


Galway passive houseOur journey building a house is now practically over.  As we settle into the new home, we consider ouselves lucky to have such a beautiful, warm,cosy and modern place.  We would not be able to enjoy this home if it was not for Peter Walsh construction and his deciated team of professionals.  We would like to take this opporunity to express our gradititude and appreciation for their hard work and expertise.

Furthermore  it was great to work with a abled, skilled and experience team that enjoy the challenge we set them of mastering modern renewable energy technologies for our home.  The result is  a safe, enviromentally sound house that is energy efficient, comfiortable and welcoming

It has been a pleasure using Peter Walsh Construction, and the tradesman from NuTech Renewables also deserve nothing but praise for the extraordinarily high standard of craftsmanship. 

It is an absolute joy to be sitting in our newly built house and reminiscnce about the journey that brought us here.  For all the hard work, expertise and impressive attention to detail devoted to the building of our house we would like to now say a sincere, heart-felt thank you”

With Regards

David and Kamila, Donegal

solar passive house Dublin,using solar passive gain and renewable energy systems for additional heat requirementsWe have lived in the first Passive Solar House built by Bill Quigley and Mark Forkin since 1991 and have found it to be unlike any other house we have lived in or stayed in. The sense of freshness and well being due to the air heating & ventilation system is wonderful. So when we recently bought a house which was in need of extensive refurbishment we contacted Mark & Bill at NuTech Renewables to make sure that we would benefit from the most up to date renewable energy technology. Having enjoyed the benefits of living in a solar house for so many years , the main benefits were the lack of radiators, plenty of hot water and lower heating bills. We felt it would be a retrograde step if our new home wasn’t a low energy house also. NuTech designed and installed the solar ventilation system to a very high standard, in fact our project manager said the installation by NuTech was far superior to other installations he had seen. We are looking forward to moving into our new homes in the next few weeks.”

Joe & Ciara, Dublin

 Solar Hot Water Heating Systems Customer Testimonials


Solar Hot water panel install, Lurgan, Co.Armagh” Its always nice to get positive feedback, so just thought you should know that we both found the NuTech Installer to be very knowledgeable, and also a friendly person to have working in the house” 

Fiona, Craigavon –




 Solar Hot water Install, Mayobridge installation of kingspan solar panels“I am delighted with the whole system, your company used skilled and qualified engineers for the complete process, and the best quality products in the market.  This has resulted in a very high quality installation which was completed cleanly and without any inconvenience. Your engineers were very helpful and provided a full explanation of the operation of the system once they had completed the installation. I am monitoring the performance of the system and so far all indications are that the potential financial returns indicated will be forthcoming. I will have no hesitation in recommending a solar system installed by NuTech Renewables, because choosing you was certainly the right decision.

Eamon, Newry

 The system works great and the solar hot water is fantastic, its nearly too hot!!.  NuTech were excellent the whole way through.  I would be happy to recommend them to anyone”.  Sinead, Dunleer, Co.Louth


 Residents in Social Housing Scheme Customer Testimonials


Solar Heating and Ventilation Wicklow, ireland, solar assisted heating, solar assisted ventilation, solar hot water, wood pellet stoveSo little fuel is needed to run the house and even when the heating is off the warmth is kept inside for hours. We have the temperature at the lowest level and it still very warm.There is hardly any work to be done as long as the timers are set. The hot water  lasts for ages due to the solar panels, and with three daughters that is a good thing.

 All I have to do is Hoover out a small amount of ash from the wood pellet boiler every couple of days. Also it is so much more economical. A bag of pellets lasts a couple of weeks and only costs €3.75.


Clever Home Scheme- Video Customer Testimonials



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