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About NuTech Renewables Ltd  – Company Vision

It’s the NuTech Staff who create and live the culture that puts our clients at the heart of our organisation, and make our company vision possible. When it comes to ‘Putting you first’, you’ll find the NuTeh staff really think and act with our five values at heart – we call our values our five C’s:


  •  CUSTOMER FOCUSED: ‘Putting you first’ is a way of thinking and acting, not just a slogan. Right from the start we work in partnership with you. By being totally open, sharing our thinking and working as a team, your needs and objectives become ingrained in everything we do.


  •  CAN DO:  We get the job done. Teamwork is real – no one stands and watches while others do their bit. NuTech’s can do attitude means we get your job right first time, taking as long as it takes to make sure you’re satisfied with everything, and not just the immediate task in hand.


  •  CONSIDERATE: We respect you and the environment. Our staff go out of their way to demonstrate consideration. They take job satisfaction in knowing that they are doing the right things for you, for the right reasons.


  •  COMPETITIVE: We have a huge will to win. Our success in winning contracts and delivering beyond expectation means you can rely on excellent behaviour, attitude and attention to detail.


  •  CHALLENGING: We believe everything can be improved. Our staff challenge the way things are done to bring you simple, practical improvements that work. We also constantly strive to bring you new, unique solutions.


About NuTech Renewables Ltd -Accreditation

Mcs Approved Installer, MCS is a mark of quality and assurance of quality workmanship certified against the MCS standards
Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

NuTech Renewables Ltd are accredited under the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Under this scheme NuTech Renewables Ltd are qualified to design, supply, install and commissioning the following systems:

– Wood Pellet Boilers and Wood Burning Stoves

– Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps

– Solar Hot Water and Heating Systems

The NuTech Renewables MCS accreditation number is: ARE0008

This accreditation is awarded annually, and the procedures required to gain accreditation are very stringently controlled.

By using our services your installation will also be MCS certified and registered on the MCS database, allowing you to benefit from government grants in Northern Ireland such as NIROCs or the  Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Incentive, and the Green Deal in the UK.



The RECC Renewable Energy Consumer Code

Real Assurance Scheme, Recc Code sets out high standards for businesses that sell and install renewable heatThe RECC Renewable Energy Consumer Code was set up by the Renewable Energy Association. Their aim is to guarantee a high quality experience for consumers wishing to buy or lease small-scale energy generation systems for their homes.

The RECC Renewable Energy Consumer Code  shows that NuTech Renewables Ltd abide by the high standards set out in the RECC Consumer Code.

The NuTech Renewables Ltd REAL accrediation number is: 0018380.




Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

Better Energy Grant is an Irish Government scheme which gives fixed cash grants for insulation and heating system upgrades,


NuTech Renewables Ltd are an accredited installer under the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. By choosing NuTech Renewables Ltd for your installation services, you can benefit from Renewable Energy Grants in Ireland such as the Better Energy Homes Scheme.

NuTech Renewables accreditation number is: 15238

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