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Commercial Underfloor Heating Systems,Ireland

Commercial Underfloor Heating Systems,Ireland

Whether it be for a Residential Building, Office, Commercial Property, School or Hospitals in Ireland or Northern Ireland, a commercial Underfloor heating system is the solution to your heating project. commercial Underfloor heating systems are available for all types of floor construction,and can also include acoustic properties to comply with building Regulations part E. Replacing your conventional heating system with an underfloor heating system, or incorporating underfloor heating into your new build commercial premises, will save you space and money, while keeping you comfortably warm and healthy. It can be used in conjunction with a traditional gas or oil boiler, as well as renewable heating technologies, such as heat pumps and biomass boilers.

Benefits of Commercial Underfloor Heating Systems,Ireland

commercial underfloor heating is an increasingly popular choice for businesses of all sizes who  enjoy the benefits of blissful, invisible warmth all year round. Underfloor heating systems help reduce energy consumption by using lower water temperatures. Comfort levels are high and costs are low. Wall space is maximized, there are no hot surfaces and it is virtually maintenance free.  Comfortable employees will be happier and more productive and customers are more relaxed.  The absence of noisy fans or blowers means underfloor heating systems offer a much quieter and less obtrusive heating solution that’s  aesthetically pleasing due to the absence of unsightly ductwork in ceilings is required.

Main Benefits

  • Versatile-Can be installed in both concrete and timber suspended floors and many other flooring systems
  • Reduce your energy bill-Can help towards reducing energy costs
  • Comfort – provides the ultimate comfort levels throughout your home with radiant heat; warmth in its most natural form
  • Invisible & Space saving
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Healthy & Hygienic–Dry’s quickly
  • Easy to Control – Very even temperature throughout your premises
  •  In retail outlets it makes more sense to use your wall space to display items that you are selling rather than taking up space with radiators.
  • In care homes and schools, etc. as well having no hot surfaces for occupants to burn their hands or bang their heads off, under floor heating is more hygienic and less work for your cleaning staff, clean the floor and you have cleaned the heat emitter as well!

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