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Commercial Solar Thermal Systems

Commercial solar thermal systems, Ireland, Northern Ireland

Installation of Commercial Solar Thermal Systems to provide hot water is a worthwhile consideration for any commercial development, school, agricultural business, hotel, or large building in Ireland, Northern Ireland.  Commercial solar thermal panel installation is one of the cheapest and most reliable of all the renewable energy technologies.  Installing solar thermal water panels to heat water is the most practical and cost effective way of harnessing the sun’s free energy to help reduce the running costs of your business.   Across Ireland and Northern Ireland, Commercial Solar Thermal Systems can provide up to 70% of a building’s hot water requirements.

In Northern Ireland Commercial solar thermal systems provide a highly effective additional revenue stream into the operation of your business, reducing payback times and dramatically enhancing the return on investment.  Under the Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme in Northern Ireland,or the Accelerated Capital Allowance Ireland you can claim an ‘enhanced’ 100% capital allowance on qualifying investments in equipment in the first tax year.   Unsecured interest-free Energy-Efficiency loans of up to £200,000 in Northern Ireland are available for SMEs through the Carbon Trust

NuTech Renewables Commercial solar thermal hot water range offers a flexible, well proven and cost effective way to integrate renewable energy solutions in commercial heating and hot water projects. From flat plate solar  collectors to  Evacuated solar collectors, NuTech Renewables ltd have got your commercial solar needs covered. NuTech Renewables Ltd  install the very highest quality of solar panels, and  are accredited installers of both Kingspan Solar and Dimplex Solar panels, which meet all the required standards including Solar Keymark and MCS approval.  View our full range of Commercial solar thermal systems below.

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