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Commercial Heat Pump Northern Ireland

 Commercial Heat Pump Northern Ireland, Ireland

NuTech Renewables Ltd supplies and installs both commercial air source heat pump and commercial ground source heat pumps throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Commercial Air Source Heating Ireland, Northern Ireland

Commercial Air source heat pumps can be fitted to commercial buildings such as schools, offices, apartment blocks, care homes, restaurants, hotels.  Commercial Air source heat pumps are one of the cheapest, easiest and efficient renewable heating systems to install.  Commercial Air source heat pumps can operate at temperatures as low as -25c, and provide cooling, or heating and hot water.  They can be installed in both new buildings and existing buildings.  Depending on the clients requirements the heat produced from the  Commercial Air source heat pumps can either be distributed by warm air distribution, under floor heating or radiators. Commercial Air source heat pumps can also be installed for Agricultural air source heating ie commercial Air to water systems are used in agriculture where large amounts of hot water are required such as dairies and and air to air in horticultural environments and broiler houses.

Commercial Ground Source Heating Ireland, Northern Ireland

Commercial Ground source heat pumps are a cost effective, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly way of heating and cooling buildings.Commercial Ground Source Heat Pumps work using heat energy from the ground and the principle of a fridge to create heat or cooling.   Commercial Ground source heat pumps operate at consistent temperature regardless of the season, all year round. This ensures a very reliable and cost efficient source of heat for commercial purposes. Commercial Ground source heat pump (GSHPs) reliably deliver quality air-conditioning and heating, on demand, in every season. Commercial Ground source heat pumps can be installed in new commercial buildings and existing commercial buildings such as Hotels, Sports stadiums,Distilleries, Centrally Serviced Apartment Blocks,Factories.Churchs,community Halls. There are also many potential uses for Agricultural Ground Source Heating, where large amounts of heat energy are required at low cost. For example: Nursery Plant Warming,Glass House Heating,Flower and Seed Propagation,Dairies,Broiler Sheds, Milking Parlours

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