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Combined Renewable Energy Systems

Combined Renewable Energy Systems

NuTech Renewables Ltd specialise in the integration (combination) of multiple renewable energy systems to provide heating and ventilation solutions.  By combining renewable energy systems with high levels of insulation you can reduce the heating demand required in your home, and therefore reduce the heating bills.  It can also help to future proof your home against cost raises in fossil fuels. NuTech Renewables Ltd can tailor a combined renewable energy system to suit your projects requirements and budget.  For example most clients start with the installation of solar panels on the roof to fully utilise the freely available solar energy.  They can they use this solar energy to provide domestic hot water heating, or using patented NuTech Renewables Ltd technology to provide solar assisted heating and ventilation. Additionally most clients building a new built home also choose to install heat pumps with underfloor heating and low energy radiators, as they work well in combination, reducing heating demand, and therefore heating costs.

The savings from combo systems are amazing and there are some popular ones:

Solar PV & Air Source Heat Pumps
Solar Thermal & Biomass Boilers
Solar PV & Solar Thermal
Solar PV & Underfloor Heating
Air Source Heat Pump & Pumped Underfloor Heating

Below you will find examples of recent Combined Renewable Energy Systems across Ireland and Northern Ireland