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Cadel Stoves Reduce salons Running costs.

Cadel Stoves Reduce salons Running costs.Reduce your salon water heating costs by using green energy technology.  Hairdressing and beauty salons use a lot of energy heating rooms and hot water. So it is important for salon owners to reduce the energy they use, and thus save money. 

Most salons could save up to 20% on their fuel bills by better managing their energy use . In fact, the Carbon Trust says that good energy management can result in savings of 5%-25%. 

If you install a wood pellet stove, you can help to reduce the heating and hot water costs of your salon.  The case study from Japan shows how a salon used a Cadel wood pellet stove to reduce their heating costs.


Cadel Stoves Reduce salons Running costs.


Cadel Stoves Reduce salons Running costs.A Cadel Hydro wood Pellet Stove acts like a boiler, so it can heat air and hot water in the salon.  It is important to use a boiler than can heat your salon without wasting large amounts of energy. A cadel wood pellet stove is also easy to use and maintain.  This is important as the Carbon Trust states that old and poorly maintained boilers can waste up to 35% of the energy they receive. A poorly performing boiler could cost your salon hundreds of pounds a year.

Salons tend to be hives of activity, with hairdryers and other heated appliances bumping up the temperature. So you may need to quickly reduce the  heating in your salon.   The control panel on a Cadel Hydro wood pellet stove can be used to quickly respond to the temperature needs of the salon.  This allows you to continually create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for your clients.   Plus clients who are looking at a relaxing flame trend to feel warmer, so may not need to turn up the heating as much. According to the Carbon Trust, reducing your heating by just one degree could result in cost savings of 8%.


Increase Profits with a Relaxing Atmosphere.


Cadel Stoves Reduce salons Running costs.In the salon in Japan, the owner found that the Cadel Hydro wood pellet stove created a relaxing atmosphere.  The presence of a fire in a room is an attraction in itself. As a result the light, the colour, the movement of the flame creates a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. Recent marketing research reveals relaxing salon environments can increase profits.  For example tranquil surroundings encourage sales and increase your clients’ perception of the value of their hairdressing or beauty experience. More to the point the American study confirmed that relaxed customers will pay between 10% and 15% more than tense ones. That’s profit worth having.

By placing a Cadel Hydro wood pellet stove in  salon, you can reduce your heating and hot water costs.  You can also create a relaxing and warm atmosphere. This may encourage your customers to pay more for your services.  Therefore you can increase your profits. 

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Nb: Case Study and pictures from Salon de Fleur of Kofu City. By Takayuki Sasamoto / Representative Director of Sasamoto Environment Office Co., Ltd.




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