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Cadel Horizon Plus Wood Pellet Stove is a ductable pellet insert stove. It can fit into a fireplace, and replace a traditional open fire. Cadels’ pellet fireplace inserts  stoves revive old hearths.  Transforming them into a home heating system that is alluring and inviting. 

This wood pellet stove has Cadel ducted air stove technology.  The hot air generated by the stove is sent to other rooms in the house through pipes (known as ducting).  This ducting is  hidden in the walls and  the air is taken into the room via air outlet vales.

So this way the heat is rapidly and evenly diffused through the room. Which gives healthy and constant comfort in a room.  This gives an even spread of the heat in a room from above, without lifting dust and bacteria. Additionally  you can control the rate of the fan, and the level of heating required. So thanks to powerful yet quiet fans, the room will be hot and comfortable in a matter of minutes.

These wood pellet stoves can work in an existing heating system. As a result heating bills are reduced

Ideal for heating two rooms connected to each other.

To connect with an existing heating system, to reduce heating bills.

To heat your home while caring for the environment.


Cadel Horizon Plus Wood Pellet Stove. Specifications.


Nominal power.9 kW.
Reduced power.2,8 kW.
Nominal performance.88,5 %.
Reduced performance.88,5 %..
Heat able volume min/max.67,2 m3 – 192 m3
Hopper capacity.8 kg.
Pellet fuel.Ø 6 mm.
Hourly consumption min/max.0,7 kg/h – 2,3 kg/h.
Range min/max.3,4 h – 11 h.
Electrical absorption max.110 W.
Decibel.53 dB – 63 dB.
Exhaust diameter.Ø 80 mm.
Gross weight.157 kg.
Dimensions.L 84,2 – P 58 – H 55,5 cm.
Packing volume.0,59 m3.



Cadel Doge Wood Pellet Stove. Further Information.

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