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Biomass Boiler Installations Northern Ireland

Biomass Boiler Installations Northern Ireland, Ireland

A biomass boiler is a wood fuelled heating system, which can burn either logs, wood pellets or wood chips.  The heat produced will power your central heating system, ensuring that the building is provided with both heating and hot water. Biomass Boilers can be installed in a domestic home, or a commercial biomass boiler can be installed in a range of buildings across Ireland and Northern Ireland including office, schools, warehouses, retail units and community centres.

Biomass boilers such as wood pellet stoves, or wood burning stoves burn wood, or wood pellets with a very high efficiency, making these biomass boilers a very economical way of heating your home, and also providing domestic hot water.  Additionally the Palazzetti ecofire range of wood pellet stoves has sealed technology, ensuring heating and hot water in a passive house in Ireland, Northern Ireland.  Installation of a biomass heating system can be a room in your home ie a living room, kitchen, bedroom (i.e a wood pellet stove, where the pellets are feed into the pellet boiler via wood pellet bags). Alternatively you may wish to install a wood pellet stove into the garage or outhouse, where wood pellets can be deliver into a storage area and automatically feed into the boiler. Wood pellet stoves and wood burning boilers are easy to operate, i.e you can control the heating via a time clock just the same as your oil or gas boiler,  via remote control, or for some palazzeti wood pellet stoves via a mobile phone app.

Biomass Heating system Installations Grants Northern Ireland

NuTech Renewables Ltd are MCS accredited, which means that mcs accredited Space and Hot Water Wood Pellet Stoves installations in Northern Ireland qualify for the current Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP),  of £2500 per installation. Plus you can  also earn money from your wood pellet heating system each year with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) .


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