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Agricultural Renewable Energy grants Ireland

Agricultural Renewable Energy grants Ireland

Agricultural Renewable Energy grants IrelandAgricultural Renewable Energy grants Ireland. Advice and grant assistance for farmers and growers. For example Agricultural Business. Renewable energy incentives. Now is the time to move to a green source of energy to lower heating and electricity bills.  Savings to be made by investing in new technologies on your farm.

Solar energy is great news for farmers and growers.  Solar water panels give hot water heating in dairy farms. Solar energy can warm homes, and greenhouses. Saving the farmer money. Farms with Pig and poultry use large amounts of electricity.  Solar electric panels lower bills.

Biomass boilers give low cost heating for sheds. Biomass boilers work all year long. They give cost effective heating. They can heat homes on the farm.

Heat Recovery Ventilation. For dairy farmers. During the milk cooling process heat is sent into the air and is lost. This heat can be recovered, and used to heat water for heating purposes . A reduction in water heating costs can be achieved.  In poultry houses heat exchangers take the heat from the exhaust ventilation. This heat is then used to warm the incoming air to the shed.

Heat pumps Use free heat sources from air, water, ground. Heat pumps combat carbon emissions. Heat pumps give dairy farmers hot water heating. This can be ideal to heat water to temperatures of 55°C. Which will help to reduce emissions and conserve energy costs.Heat pumps give low cost heating and cooling for Poultry pig farms. In a pig farm heat pumps can heat the heat pads in the farrowing units. The capital costs of these systems can be high but they are effective in reducing fuel costs.

NuTech Renewables Ltd can give you details of loans and grant schemes available to help you achieve this. See below.

 Find full details of the grants and loans available in Ireland here.

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